Installation of route command:

# in case of ubuntu/debian distribution
$ apt-get install net-tools
# in case of redhat distribution
$ yum install net-tools



  • Assuming that Ansible is already running properly.
  • Docker Engine is installed and running in Host VM.


1. Install Docker SDK for Python:

Steps to Configure this whole Setup:

  • Setup Dynamic Inventory for AWS Instance using Ansible Plugin.
  • Launch EC2 Instance over AWS tagged for webserver and lbserver using Ansible.
  • Setup Webserver…


  • Create an Ansible-collection for Hadoop Configuration.


  • Ansible Installed in your machine.

Tested On:

  • Redhat
  • Amazon Linux 2


1. Define Hosts in Ansible Inventory file:

What is Ansible?

Some Prerequisites we need to check…

  • The only way to change a static partition size using fdisk is by deleting and recreating it so ensure that the information on the file system is backed up.
  • Make sure the partition you are resizing is the last partition on a particular disk.


1. Creating a partition and store some data:

  • Use fdisk -l to check disk and partiton details…

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